Endorsements & More

Endorsements & More

Forever Stalwart endorsements, kind feedback, and awards

Jack Weyland

JACK WEYLAND, June 23, 2014

“I am usually of two minds when I read historical books. If it’s straight history, I wish there was a story showing the difficulties that a family might have had to endure. In other words, I want a story!

On the other hand, if it is a historical novel involving people and their stories, a part of me is always wondering which part of the story actually happened and which is made up. With this conflict in my mind, I’m seldom satisfied.

Susan Mitchell’s book “Forever Stalwart” is the best of both worlds, following the lives of people I quickly came to care about. This is a story that captivated me. In addition, after every few pages there are historical documents, diaries, journals, and other references which make it clear how closely the actual events have been captured.

This is an amazing book! For me it was like being there as members of the Church migrated from Ohio to Utah, and then what their life was like in Utah. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and enthusiastically recommend it!”


Daryl and the book

DARYL HOOLE, June 24, 2014

“Lovingly and skillfully written by a great-granddaughter, the story of Titus Billings, Mormon pioneer, is at once intensely interesting, deeply insightful and powerfully inspirational. Impeccable research–the work of decades–has enabled Susan Billings Mitchell to bring to light the account of a remarkable man of unfaltering faith and unyielding works in an authentic setting of 19th Century Mormonism. The strength of the man and the tenets of the gospel of Jesus Christ are woven together to provide a faith-promoting experience, well worth the time of the reader.”



“Huge congratulations. Sources, appendix, pictures, maps, writing style, bringing your ancestors out of obscurity, giving them personalities….this is a treasure. I remember well your mother and her interest in Titus Billings—and now look what you have done. What a wonderful contribution you have made to your family and to the Church. Your manuscript reminds me in a descriptive manner of the greatness of Titus and his extended family. Thanks so much for sharing with me your scholarship and love for the man that Joseph loved. Have a great day–you made mine wonderful.”

Randy Shaw 1

RANDY B. SHAW, July 14, 2014

“A long awaited story, decades waiting to be told, of family, faith, and fortitude. This narrative is wonderfully woven with fact and fiction, documentation and details. Thank you, Susan, for knitting the threads of the life of an ordinary man into the fabric of an extraordinary man. Titus would be honored, and I am grateful “that our children may know”.

Brent and I

BRENT ASHWORTH, July 30, 2014

“Susan Billings Mitchell’s “Forever Stalwart”, the first book-length account of Titus Billings and his family, the great Mormon Pioneer Leader and friend to the Prophet Joseph Smith and contemporaries, is a page-turner. Mitchell ‘s easy text weaves historical fact and unique characters with such meaty narrative, it left me feeling that if any of them had walked into my office, I would feel to greet them as friends. This is history as it is meant to be written and so rarely achieved. It will reward the reader, not just by acquainting us with great early Latter-day Saints, but in understanding the times they lived and their struggles to achieve a promised better world.”

BA and LKB

LEWIS K. BILLINGS , August 1, 2014


AS YOU PICK UP THIS VERY SPECIAL TEXT, BE PREPARED to walk away with a substantially heightened appreciation for the tremendous faith, courage and sacrifice early members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints exhibited in their quest to be fully faithful in the service of their Lord Jesus Christ and God in Heaven.

Author Susan Billings Mitchell has compiled one of the most comprehensive collections of historical information and documentation ever compiled relating to the life of Titus Billings and those he loved, served, sacrificed for, suffered with and so much more.

The death of children, numerous cases of unfair treatment by government leaders, repeated mob attacks, extreme weather conditions, sickness, physical injury, starvation, long periods of separation from loved ones, and Indian attacks are just a few of the challenges these good people endured to be counted worthy to stand with those who were willing to go and do whatever their God would have them do.

Contained herein is a thoroughly documented and inspiring account of some of the most tried and proven beings ever to walk the earth, as we know it.



Kay Weight letter

12/16/15 Look what Daisy and I just found on our front porch . . . We are so very excited!!!! Congrats and thank you, Christine Clements

Look what Daisy found

 12/23.14 I just ordered your book a couple of days ago and I am so anxious to read it. You are such an inspiration to me. I love you and appreciate your example. Merry Christmas! Love Cathy

1/11/2015 I just finished “Forever Stalwart” – it’s an awesome book! My family and Paul’s ancestors are featured in it. How wonderful to have these precious stories so well documented. Great job, friend! ~Katherine Brimhall

3/15/15 I’m about 200 pages into your book and really enjoying it. I’d like to buy one for a friend who has a birthday the month . . .  Ann Cain

3/20/15 Wow!! You DID IT!!!!!!! I Read your book last month and loved it. You can really be proud of the great job you did on it. Cross that off your Bucket List and on to the next big challenge. Love and Miss You! ~ Blasongame, Beverly

6/20/15 I loved Forever Stalwart! the story and the Historical Background blended so well for me to get a clear picture of the events and trial of the people. I felt such a strong historical, emotional, and spiritual connection with each of these characters. thanks for sharing their stories, your years of work, and your talents. I know your parents and other ancestors are so proud of your success and are grateful you shared their stories. Now, we need to get together. I cannon have this book sitting on my bookshelf much longer without your autograph! ~LaDonna Rawlings

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