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True Pioneer Stories Fill FOREVER STALWART

Writing A Book Full of True Pioneer Stories

Writing A Book Full of True Pioneer Stories

30 Years of Research and Re-Writes Pay Off

Yes, FOREVER STALWART (a book of true pioneer stories) is finally in print! “It’s impossible to write a historical account using real names” they said. “Throw away the names and just write fiction.” No! My purpose is to share history as accurate as possible.

True Pioneer Stories by Assignment

The name of Titus Billings is mentioned time and again in LDS Church history. Shows up a lot in records of the RLDS (now Community of Christ Church) too. Both organizations asked my father for a complete history of this ancestor. (His daughter Eunice stated that his journal was destroyed.) Dad turned to me saying he wanted an account that was both accurate and interesting.

We searched everywhere for details and documentation. First, I wrote a historical account referencing everything. Once all the facts were tacked down for accuracy I reached for a creative writing hat to make it interesting.

Chapters are purposefully short to accommodate several important characters. “Historical Notes” at the end of each chapter document facts and identify any added fiction. Readers can jump over these references if they wish FOREVER STALWART  to read like a novel.

Thank goodness for computers!

FOREVER STALWART tells the true pioneer story of three families. Early on I discovered that the lives of Titus Billings and Isaac Morley intertwine at every turn making it impossible to separate them. Later, another truth popped up. Edward Tuttle’s family is also a vital part of this story. (I’ll let you read it yourself to find out why.) So, I started again at the beginning to lace their lives together. What a blessing that computers came on-board when they did. Even so, with research and writing squeezed here and there between raising nine children, it nearly took a lifetime!



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