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Fun Meditation Event

Meditation Class croppedMeditation stone and pix

Instructor Leslie Reader (center back) and our meditation group hosted by Lynette Mitchell (center).

Learned lots about mood and meditation at this fantastic event. Here are some quick notes, if you are interested.

This stress release process is to close down the brain and access the heart. Things that help do that are:
Breathing deeply
Listening to good music (Did you know that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is the highest sound frequency? So many good and united voices, I guess.)
Drinking water
Even sneezing

Leslie explained how the brain has a protective cover around it, saying it is a good thing as we don’t want toxins to get into our brain! Some, not all but some, of the doTERRA oils can penetrate that brain barrier when diffused. Of course Lynette had her diffuser going. Citrus Bliss filled the room when we arrived.

Each of us chose a picture card from the stack. Ends up the picture you chose was symbolic of your emotional state at the moment. Mine represented increasing self love/self belief. Next we chose from a pile of smooth stones. Again these turned out to be symbolic. Can’t remember what kind of rock I chose, but my thumb kept stroking it. Later I learned it was for anxiety. Think I need one of those.

“Mood Meter” is a free app you can get for your phone. It is color-coded: red = anger, blue = anxiety, green = calm and yellow = happy. Leslie uses this to teach her children to recognize their feeling and learn to cope better. She demonstrated it with Lynette’s cute sister answering the questions, very interesting.

Surf City is another available app she mentioned. It plays natural background sounds great for meditation.

The best part was when she had us our close eyes, breathe deeply, and visualize light entering the top of our heads. With nature sounds in the background she softly talked us through concentrating on the beautiful light as it slowly touched every fiber within us until it filled us completely, body-mind-and soul.



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