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Hearts Turn When History Talks! Original works.

Thank you, Kianna

Love this text about our “historical book”! Check out D&C 63:39 to see what it says about Titus Billings. Good job, Kianna. Keep up the good work in seminary class.

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True Pioneer Stories Fill FOREVER STALWART

30 Years of Research and Re-Writes Pay Off Yes, FOREVER STALWART (a book of true pioneer stories) is finally in print! “It’s impossible to write a historical account using real names” they said. “Throw away the names and just write fiction.” No! My purpose is to share history as accurate as possible. True Pioneer Stories by […]

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Why I Wrote A Book About My Pioneer Grandpa

WHAT is Forever Stalwart? This book is a TRUE and documented account of my pioneer grandpa, Titus Billings; his beloved brother-in-law, Isaac, known as Father Morley; and a hardworking baker from Boston, Edward Tuttle. The lives of these three pioneer families intertwined as they lived early LDS Church history all the way from Kirtland to Manti! […]

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Happy Father’s Day!


The most important person in my life is the father of my children.

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My Amazing Daddy!

first family group

My father could do anything that needed to be done! When the Order-of-the-Arrow-Boy-Scouts needed a teepee dad borrowed mom’s sewing machine and stitched one, life size! When Provo City needed someone to shoot the 4th of July fireworks dad volunteered for 18 years! When my brother needed hydrogen for science experiments dad arranged for it! […]

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Happy Memorial Day Promotion!

SAVE 10% off the true Forever Stalwart Book about this pioneer couple, Titus and Diantha Billings and other real pioneers. “This is a unique book because it uses the real names of real people to tell the real story.” CLICK HERE AND ADD DISCOUNT CODE: 4Q7KRNNL Provo, Utah Cemetery May 30, 2016 Notice the little girl is […]

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First Day of School Cookie Tradition

It’s fun for me to watch when a daughter sends out a group text and see the chain of replies that quickly follow from her sisters. Yesterday’s text was about school starting in AZ. One daughter sent her youngest off for the first time and texted that she was fine until she went into the […]

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Find our BOOK in the Far West Country Store!

We were excited to meet Craig & Consie Skembo, owners of the Far West Country Store, and delighted when they added our BOOK to their collection of fun and precious merchandise. Be sure, when YOU visit,  to take your picture beside the grand statue of the Prophet Joseph Smith, like Consie and I did. Many […]

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Our Big Forever Stalwart Reunion July 2015

I am so excited! Just returned from a “Forever Stalwart Family Reunion” our son created in honor of my newly published book! Would you believe? It was in Nauvoo, Illinois – the spot where much of the TRUE  pioneer story took place. All three TRUE main characters lived in Nauvoo: Titus Billings, Isaac Morley, and […]

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