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My Amazing Daddy!

first family group

My father could do anything that needed to be done! When the Order-of-the-Arrow-Boy-Scouts needed a teepee dad borrowed mom’s sewing machine and stitched one, life size! When Provo City needed someone to shoot the 4th of July fireworks dad volunteered for 18 years! When my brother needed hydrogen for science experiments dad arranged for it! When we needed a bigger house it so happened that the city wanted a big building demolished so my dad offered to tear it down if he could use the materials to build a new house for us. He did!

Yes, I could go on and on about him and his worthy projects, like building floats for the parade, making his own arrows so he could hunt, growing a great garden so we could eat, so much more, but I have to mention my favorite little girl memory. My dad loved hamburgers. (This was long before MacDonald’s or any fast food places!) On pay day he loaded all of us into the car (I was the oldest of then three children) and we drove to the grocery store. Mom did the serious shopping, but dad and I got hamburger, buns, an onion, a large tomato and lettuce. Then we went home and he made the best hamburgers this world has ever known! I was too young to understand about tight budgets, but I can tell you this: on hamburger pay-day I knew we were rich!

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