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First Day of School Cookie Tradition

It’s fun for me to watch when a daughter sends out a group text and see the chain of replies that quickly follow from her sisters. Yesterday’s text was about school starting in AZ. One daughter sent her youngest off for the first time and texted that she was fine until she went into the grocery store ALONE to get chocolate chips for our traditional first day of school cookies. The tradition began years ago – when my children were young — and is going strong still today. If you’d like to learn about it just read this little story published in “A Cup of Comfort Cookbook” complied by Jan Weinstein and edited by Colleen Sell, 2002, page 275.

Story first day of school cookies

Story first day of school cookies2Story first day of school cookies3

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  1. Carrie says:

    Those are the best memories! I only have 2 years left before my baby graduates & leaves the nest! Thanks for starting this great tradition. I know it will keep going as my kids start their on families & carry on the tradition – as they love it as much as I do!.

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