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My care-giving includes 9 children, 35 grandchildren, and 5 little greats. For three years I was full-time caregiver to the kind woman who birthed my sweetheart. Then his health took some twists and turns that lead us down challenging pathways including a kidney transplant. Care giving is a sacred endeavor, but we must go about it wisely to sustain our own physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. My wish is to be your caregiver. Yes, a caregiver should have a caregiver too.

Thank you, Kianna

Love this text about our “historical book”! Check out D&C 63:39 to see what it says about Titus Billings. Good job, Kianna. Keep up the good work in seminary class.

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True Pioneer Stories Fill FOREVER STALWART

30 Years of Research and Re-Writes Pay Off Yes, FOREVER STALWART (a book of true pioneer stories) is finally in print! “It’s impossible to write a historical account using real names” they said. “Throw away the names and just write fiction.” No! My purpose is to share history as accurate as possible. True Pioneer Stories by […]

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The Independence Day Parade I Will Never Forget

The Excitement of Winning! Doug Wright (my second cousin who lived on the other side of town) and I were winners! Both of us placed second in the 1963 Provo City Freedom Festival Speech Contest. (They chose one male winner and one female.) The Excitement of Participating in the BIG Parade! We took our place in […]

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What would you do if you knew this was to be the LAST WEEK OF YOUR LIFE?

On this day (June 20th) of 1844 Joseph Smith knew the end was nigh and according to his journal he did the following: 1844 – The Prophet Joseph started his day by riding to the prairie outside on Nauvoo with his Nauvoo Legion staff, “to devise plans for the defense of the city, and select the […]

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Why I Wrote A Book About My Pioneer Grandpa

WHAT is Forever Stalwart? This book is a TRUE and documented account of my pioneer grandpa, Titus Billings; his beloved brother-in-law, Isaac, known as Father Morley; and a hardworking baker from Boston, Edward Tuttle. The lives of these three pioneer families intertwined as they lived early LDS Church history all the way from Kirtland to Manti! […]

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Now on Kindle!

We did it! We really did it! O-kay, “She did it.” My amazing Lisa formatted a kindle version of Forever Stalwart. NOT an easy job. Many of you said: “I love your book but it is too big to read in bed” so we set out to produce and inexpensive, easy to hold (even in bed), easy to […]

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Unique Essential Oils for Mother’s Day

Red Mandarin Information CLICK HERE Sunny Citrus Information CLICK HERE Kumquat Information CLICK HERE  ORDER NOW at retail price   or better yet CONTACT ME FOR WHOLESALE PRICE (25% off)!  

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How Much Plant Material is Used to Fill One doTERRA Essential Oil Bottle?

We all know that essential Oils come from plants, but do you realize how many plants it takes to make one drop? I love this little video demonstration. No wonder some oils are rare and more expensive. Right now, until February 28th, a doTERRA Wellness Advocate can earn a FREE bottle of Rose, Jasmine, Aspire […]

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My doTERRA Story Began with One Bottle of Melaleuca!

Two of my nephews team-taught the first doTERRA Essential Oils class I attended. I went to support them saying upfront: “Don’t tell me about the business.” I’d had a little experience with essential oils. I knew they worked.  Actually, I needed another Melaleuca and I liked the 25% wholesale discount idea so I enrolled. WHAT A […]

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Remembering Gordon B. Hinckley’s Cheerful Example


The cheerful example of LDS President Gordon B. Hinckley still rings in our ears even though he died on this day in 2008 at age 97 in Salt Lake City, Utah. He lived longer than any President of the Church and served as a General Authority over 49 years. He served as a counselor to […]

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