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Thank you, Kianna

Love this text about our “historical book”! Check out D&C 63:39 to see what it says about Titus Billings. Good job, Kianna. Keep up the good work in seminary class.

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True Pioneer Stories Fill FOREVER STALWART

30 Years of Research and Re-Writes Pay Off Yes, FOREVER STALWART (a book of true pioneer stories) is finally in print! “It’s impossible to write a historical account using real names” they said. “Throw away the names and just write fiction.” No! My purpose is to share history as accurate as possible. True Pioneer Stories by […]

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The Independence Day Parade I Will Never Forget

The Excitement of Winning! Doug Wright (my second cousin who lived on the other side of town) and I were winners! Both of us placed second in the 1963 Provo City Freedom Festival Speech Contest. (They chose one male winner and one female.) The Excitement of Participating in the BIG Parade! We took our place in […]

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