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What would you do if you knew this was to be the LAST WEEK OF YOUR LIFE?

On this day (June 20th) of 1844 Joseph Smith knew the end was nigh and according to his journal he did the following: 1844 – The Prophet Joseph started his day by riding to the prairie outside on Nauvoo with his Nauvoo Legion staff, “to devise plans for the defense of the city, and select the […]

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Why I Wrote A Book About My Pioneer Grandpa

WHAT is Forever Stalwart? This book is a TRUE and documented account of my pioneer grandpa, Titus Billings; his beloved brother-in-law, Isaac, known as Father Morley; and a hardworking baker from Boston, Edward Tuttle. The lives of these three pioneer families intertwined as they lived early LDS Church history all the way from Kirtland to Manti! […]

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